Friday, July 23, 2010

Super hot Heather Ford of Fox 5 San Diego looking good at Comic Con

If I ever made it down to the geek fest better known as Comic Con the only reason would be to see Heather Ford dressed up. Here is a short video of her in a very sexy Robin costume talking to the geeks at the Con. I know there are plenty of babes at the event, but Heather Ford of Fox 5 blows them away. Why the fuck did the camera man pull back so we could get the full package shot. I had to trim off some bull shit of her not in the shot at all. If anyone was there and got a pic of her in this outfit please, please send me the photo. I would love to see how she looked. Sorry for the crappy vid quality, YouTube compressed the shit out of it. I'm going to put up more video I have on my YouTube channel so check back. You can also check me out on Twitter as well. No Facebook, they deleted my account, assholes!!!!

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