Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barbara-Lee Edwards - KFMB

If there is one news anchor that I could watch report on the news for hours it is Barbara-Lee Edwards. Oh my god this woman is hot, and I say woman not girl because she is a full on MILF to the tenth degree. Born and raised in Vancouver British Colombia, Barbara-Lee Edwards used to do radio with that sexy voice. Lucky for us she went to tv so we could see more of this News hottie.

Barbara-Lee Edwards has been reporting the news on Channel 8 for a while now and I try and catch it every day just to see that pretty face of hers. She has that look like you know she can get down when she is behind closed doors. Her husband is one lucky mofo for getting to tap that every night. I wish she would just step from behind the news desk once in awhile and give us a little show. Ratings would go through the roof if she would do a little sexy show for all the San Diego guys out there who love Barbara-Lee Edwards.

I tried to find some better pictures of her, but there is nothing out there. All I could find were some promo head-shots or her at some fundrasier. Come on Barbara-Lee, give us guys some hot shots out there of you. Maybe in a swim suit or even with some tight shorts on....HAWT!!!!

A few years back Barbara-Lee Edwards used to anchor with Kathleen Bade – Another news hottie – but Kathleen went to channel five I think it is on her own. When these two used to work together it was pure heaven. They could be reporting about some 15 car pile up, but all I was thinking was these two making out right at the news desk. To see these two kiss full on would be amazing. Hell I would pay big money to see that. But now Kathleen has left the news desk and Barbara-Lee is anchoring with some chump with a funny name.

Anyway, Barbara-Lee, if you ever read this, you are my favorite news hottie in San Diego that is for sure. I will keep on watching you report the news while I think of you slowly stripping!

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