Wednesday, January 27, 2010

San Diego Fox 6 snags a hot new weather girl with Kimi Evans from LA

Now for what ever reason San Diego Fox 6 gave Aloha Taylor her walking papers. I can’t see why, she has got to be one of the hottest weather girls out there. I love seeing her every night. Maybe one of the news directors or staffing directors got tired of looking at that tight little butt of hers. I know it’s a tight butt, I’ve seen it up close. But Aloha Taylor wasn’t on the unemployment line for long. She bagged the weather job over at Fox 5 at nights. Lucky us, we still get to see that Hawaiian ray of sunshine.

So today I was jacking off to Fox 6 in the mornings, oh yeah Renee Kohn say the weather slowly baby. They introduced a new even hotter weather girl, Kimi Evans. I had to stop in mid stroke to check out this new girl. She is very sexy. She has long dark hair, soft little lips, nice round breast, yummy. Kimi is going to be putting in her first weather duty tonight at 10pm. Don’t worry Kimi I’ll be saving a load for you.

Kimi Evans is no stranger to the weather gig. She’s been working all over California and even Hawaii. Wonder if Kimi and Aloha Taylor would like to give me a taste of the islands? Anyway she comes to San Diego from Los Angles, KCAL9 I think is the spot. I even found out she owns a Pilates studio, no wonder why Kimi has a tight little body on her. The job is not going to be much different in telling us about the weather. It’s not like she is coming from Chicago. Even a retard could tell San Diego its weather, just look at Sean Styles. Even in between smacking up the ladies Sean Styles manages to get the weather right.

Now if you’re not going to be up at 10pm or you’ll be drunk off your ass after you’re State of the Union drinking game. I found some video of her on You Tube working the weather desk. You have got to see the first one of her. God I love it when she says, “Hmmmm.” Man her voice is so soft and smooth. Kimi is also not shy about wearing some hot little outfits for the camera. There is one in there of her wearing a tight red skirt, dam that is hot. I just hope San Diego 6 lets her look all sexy for us. They better not hide her kicking body behind sweaters like they do with Renee Kohn, come on Renee you got a body lets see it.


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